Unity: Coming up with the first game idea.

So before you can start making a game, ideally you need to have an idea of what type of game you are going to make. Will it be some form of shooter? A puzzle game? A creative builder/construction style game? What about the perspective the player will have to interact with the game.

A first person view?

FPS style viewpoint, used in games such as Minecraft or Counterstrike?

A third person view?

Camera looking from behind the character like in games such as Devil May Cry or Gears of War?

Then there is the isometric thirdperson view…

Camera follows looking down on the scene, such as with games like Diablo and Path of Exile?

What about VR and AR?

So what sort of game do I want to make

I sat down with some paper, a pencil and a complete lack of any cohesive thought.

After staring at the blank sheet for about 10 minutes, then went to make lunch. I had no idea what sort of game I wanted to make, and therefore no idea where to start.

I knew I wanted AI enemies as one of the mechanics. I enjoy playing games where the challenge is increased by having to account for AI behaviour and the penalty for failure. This meant that I needed to implement some enemy models, and their behaviour. A few video tutorials on AI movement and Unitys NavMesh, and I decided I wanted a game where I would fight my way through some AI zombies to achieve some sort of goal.

The game idea: The Little Zombie Project

So fighting zombies, how am I going to achieve this. Well we have 2 classic mechanics that work in a lot of games; shoot them with a gun or hit them with a melee weapon.

This is a good start. I have a basic idea – player has to kill zombies – and a plan for how I want to do that – pew pew or thwack thwack. I know I want the player character to move around under some sort of user control, and for the zombies to move around using some sort of AI movement mechanism.

But I dont just want the zombies to move about in some form of predefined pattern. I also want them to be able to “spot” the player and give chase…

So now we have a basic list of mechanics/functions we want to create to get our game going (in no specific order);

  • User can move the player
  • Zombies can patrol an area (via a set of waypoints)
  • Zombies can “look for” and “spot” the player
  • Zombies can “chase” the player instead of patrolling

Exciting stuff. Lets get started and create one of these functions…




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